Borrowers Use Mark Baker

Borrowers Trust The Mark Baker Team because…  The consumer has many concerns when getting a mortgage.  Let’s address the most common questions so we can put your mind at ease.

  1.   Will you hold my hand through the loan process?

  • We deal with First Time Homebuyers as well as Borrowers that have done many mortgages.  We expect you to have questions & would rather you come to us for the answers rather than your family, friends, & co-workers.  We find the more information you get from people outside the transaction, the more difficult your transaction will be.

  2.   What are the common pitfalls when applying for a mortgage?
         I don’t know what to ask or what to look out for.

  • Many national Lenders do not know “what happens in Vegas” when it comes to a real estate transaction, so they don’t know how to help you navigate the deal.  Our business is 90% purchase transactions & see many different scenarios so our “experience” for the Buyer is vitally important most of the time.

  3.   How do I know I am getting a good deal?

  • As a direct Lender we are able to eliminate many of the unnecessary fees Lenders charge.  While we don’t claim to be the least expensive in the marketplace, we certainly are always very competitively priced.
  • The Mark Baker team keeps the overhead low so that we can stay competitive in the marketplace.  Many Lender’s will have a very extensive marketing department, have the nicest/most expensive office facility, have large numbers of employees, etc.  We believe in maximizing our income like any other business, but we are not concerned about impressing the client at the expense of the client.

  4.   As a consumer I want the easiest path to getting a mortgage.

  • Our motto is “Making the mortgage process Simple and Effortless”.  While many times these words are an oxymoron in the lending business, we do a lot of loan transactions & run up against many challenges.  It is the challenges on past loans that make us better than other Lenders.  Quite simply, the more loans you do, the better resource you become for your customer.

  5.   This is a scary process & when I call I want a call back in a reasonable time frame.

  • Even when call volume is high, rarely does the day end when a call does not get returned.  We know & understand that you want answers.  That is what we do.

  6.   When I call about my loan I do not want to feel like a number.

  • We don’t have a call center!  When you call our office you will talk to the same people every time.  We know our clients, we don’t know your “loan number”.

  7.   Are you a Broker or a Banker?

  • We work with a very large Mortgage Bank that allows us to do most loans “in house” where we control not only the cost but also the timeline of the process.
  • We also have the ability to “broker loans”.  This gives us the flexibility to do loans that just simply do not “fit in the box”.  This is when we must be creative and come up with alternative loan programs that will enable a Borrower to successfully obtain a mortgage loan in most any situation.

Lastly, you should know about our relationship & reputation in the local Real Estate arena.  Our team has a reputation of communication & a closing record that is unmatched by most Lenders.  Most successful Listing Agents in the Las Vegas marketplace know who Mark Baker is & have worked with our team in the past.  Knowing our reputation of having successful closings, many times your offer might be looked on more favorably than others simply because your choice for a Lender.  If the Listing Agent has multiple offers, your outcome of getting your offer accepted can be affected with a Loan Approval letter with the Mark Baker team.