Why a Real Estate Agent Uses Mark Baker

Real Estate Agents use The Mark Baker Team because…The Real Estate professional must be very careful who to refer clients to.  Not only is the current transaction their next paycheck, but their future referrals, and their reputation.  The most common concerns for a Realtor are:

1. Will I get the deal closed & get paid?

  • Every week we hear stories of Lenders that do not perform.  Mark Baker’s philosophy is simple.  The Realtor’s job is to find a client.  If the client needs a mortgage to buy the property, the referral to the mortgage person is the same as putting their commission in the hands of someone.  We take this responsibility very seriously.

2. Will you communicate the file status so I know what is going on?

  • On all purchase transactions we communicate via “Loan Status Report” two times a week with both the Buyer’s Agent as well as the Listing agent.  We do this to make sure you not only know what is going on with the file, but so that you can spend your time doing more deals rather than following up on your deal with us.

3. Will you return my calls?

  • When the Lender does not call you back, you probably have a problem….right?  Even when call volume is high, rarely does the day end when a call does not get returned.  We know & understand that you want answers.  That is what we do.

4. Will you watch out for my client’s best interest?

  • Your client is our client.  Since we live & work where we do our loans, like the Real Estate Agents that refer us, it is important that get the Borrower(s) the best product at the most competitive price.  We understand the value of a referral.  We have never chosen a loan program to make a bigger commission.

5. When there is a problem, will you tell me?

  • We have a habit of being too open at times.  Please realize that if you work with the Mark Baker team you will know the real deal on your transaction.  Sometimes we will tell you things you will not want to hear, but you will know the real deal.  We don’t believe that bad news gets better with time.

6. Will you be competitive on rate/fees?

  • We are competitive with rate/fees as our business is all referrals just like yours.  If we were more expensive, the future referral business would be non-existent for us.  While we are not the least expensive in the marketplace, you will find our costs very much in line at all times.

7. Will you close on time?

  • Mark Baker thinks that the COE is a contract date, not a “suggested date”.  While we don’t close every transaction on time, we certainly strive to meet closing deadlines.  We post the COE on the Loan Status Report as well as the “business days to close” so that everyone knows expectations from the beginning if of the transaction.

8. We have a great relationship with listing Agents.

  • Like it or not, there are offers that get accepted because of the Lender approval letter being presented with the offer.  Mark Baker has worked hard at establishing relationships with some of the more successful listing agents just for this reason.  If the Listing Agent has multiple offers and one of the offers shows an approval letter with our team, your chances of getting your offer accepted do go up.